22nd April 2012

it’s a rough life being a girl gamer sometimes.

Dear Skyrim Modders,

While I appreciate that most of you are dudes, I really want to find some cool armor for my lady characters that doesn’t have their nipples/butts/pubes showing, or make them look like barbie dolls. :/ You can make sexy armor without making it horrendously¬†inappropriate¬†(not to mention lore-breaking). Just look at Guild Wars 2! that’s some sexy armor for the ladies! But it doesn’t make me want to vomit.

I normally don’t get all up in arms about this because “sexy” armor for women in videogames is ubiquitous. Most games, even if they expect to have players of both (/all) genders play give the women slightly ridiculous armor. But when you look at the modding community…it’s just bad*. I’ve found one good Skyrim mod that makes badass, lore-friendly armor. One. And when I scroll through the “most highly downloaded” list on the Nexus web page, almost every title has “skimpy” or “sexy” in the title**. I know it’s kind of self-inflicted suffering because I don’t have to download mods, but I’m always wishing that I can find a cool one, you know?

I suppose I’m just a bit depressed that there aren’t as many women who like video games as men.

Maybe I’ll just have to become a modder and make my OWN badass armor for ladies. See how many downloads THAT gets. Hmmph.


*THE WORST ONES BY FAR are the “Armor and Clothing Set for ChaosSwordDeathKnight’s Big ‘n’ Jiggly ‘n’ Overbalanced Female Body Default Replacement Mod” I am only exaggerating slightly.
**Taken from the first few pages of most downloaded mods in the Armor category on Skyrim Nexus: skimpy, female armors, hentai, female, female armor replacer, lace, sexy, “little sexy apparel replacer”, skimpy sexy, plus countless “armor pack for Caliente’s Big Bottom mod” and the like. AUGH.


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